The Hydrant – who is it for?

The idea is simple:

A unique drinking bottle ‘To solve the problem of reaching for, lifting or holding drinks.’

Hang it, hook it or clip it almost anywhere – ensuring a drink is always accessible, wherever you are and whatever your needs.

The Hydrant water bottle range are all refillable, they are also BPA free and eco-friendly.

PPE Full Face Visors

Designed for those in close quarter intensive care environment or others where there’s a positive or suspected covid-19 patient, used in conjunction with an FFP3 mask in place as per the latest NHS guidelines.

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The Hydrant

Already used in homes, hospitals and care homes across the UK, this unique hydration system can be hung, hooked or clipped on to beds, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, belts, day chairs…just about anywhere. A drinking tube is then at hand to ensure you never have to struggle to get a drink.

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The Sports Hydrant

The Sports Hydrant is a lightweight, portable drinking solution for those on the move. It provides sportspeople with the option to drink from the bottle or through a handy drinking tube and is the most convenient way to stay hydrated.

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The Water-Drop

The Water-Drop is an innovative drinking system specifically designed for hospital patients, care home residents and vulnerable people in the community.

For simplicity – picture an intravenous drip system that is used orally.

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