The Hydrant

What is it?

The Hydrant is a hydration system with drinking tube. Hang, hook or clip your bottle almost anywhere – attach the drinking tube and enjoy convenient, hands-free hydration wherever you are.

Why is it unique?

  • the flexi-grip handle attaches to almost anything, keeping your drink close by
  • the tube allows 24/7 access, allowing you to drink whenever you choose

Who is it for?

Quite simply, the Hydrant is for anyone who runs the risk of dehydration through a shortage of regular access to drinks caused by a lack of mobility. It is designed to give those with limited mobility a way to increase independence by being able to drink whenever they want to, without assistance. This simple, effective tool offers extensive hydration benefits to both users and care providers across healthcare and maternity.

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The benefits

By using the Hydrant in hospitals, care homes and as part of at-home care programmes:

  • users can drink unassisted, decreasing their risk of dehydration
  • users can be increasingly independent, living a more dignified life
  • the risk of serious illness and infection relating to dehydration is reduced
  • users will have a better experience and sense of wellbeing

There are professional care savings and efficiencies to be made too:

  • helps prevent dehydration-related hospital admissions
  • saves valuable staff resource, releasing more time for healthcare professionals
  • contributes towards a speedier recovery, freeing up beds more quickly
  • reduces the risk of secondary problems associated with dehydration, so reducing the expense of additional drugs
  • allows for accurate monitoring of fluid intake via clearly calibrated bottles
  • stops the expense and inconvenience of spillages and breakages via its closed, durable system

How to use it

Step one: Fill the bottle with water or the drink of your choice and hang it from the bed, day chair, wheelchair or any other convenient spot.

Step two: Take hold of the tube and put the bite valve between your teeth. Then bite down to open the valve and suck to drink. The bite valve opens under pressure and closes when released, so there is no leakage.

Download Instructions for using The Hydrant

Caring for your Hydrant

To ensure your Hydrant is properly cleaning and to extend its life span for as long as possible, please read the following simple instructions:

  • do not immerse in boiling water
  • dishwasher safe to a maximum temperature of 85 degrees
  • wash bottle and cap as required in warm soapy water, and rinse thoroughly
  • solutions such as Milton may be safely used to sterilise
  • in hospitals, change the tube and valve daily for ward infection control
  • tube and bite valve should be replaced regularly or disassembled and cleaned thoroughly.
  • We highly recommend using our tube¬†cleaning kit [link]


The Hydrant range is unique: Patented, EC Design Registered, Trademarked