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Staying properly hydrated – whatever you’re doing, wherever you are – is crucial but often difficult. This is particularly true of amateur athletes, who are so focused on getting the best time or finishing a race well, that they forget to stop or slow down to take fluids on board.

With a choice of styles available, the Sports Hydrant ensures you always have a drink available – via the hands-free drinks tube – or the lighter ‘Sports’ drinking bottle. It is a refillable water bottle, and eco-friendly and BPA free.

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“Just spent two weeks cycling round Cornwall with the Sports Hydrant as my extra friend on the handlebars. It just clips on securely and is always ready for a quick swig. After hundreds of miles across all terrain I can report that it’s secure, safe and (in all this mud and rain) much cleaner than the bottles ‘down below’. Cheers!” – Rob

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