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It can be very difficult to stay hydrated when you rely on nurses or carers to hand you drinks, or when you’re a new mum and breastfeeding, or out and about on the move. The Hydrant range is designed to bring hands-free, convenient drinking to everyone, everywhere.

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If it’s a struggle to stay hydrated because fluids aren’t easily accessible when you’re thirsty, the Hydrant could be for you.

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Being a mum is exhausting – from pregnancy, through labour, to recovery. The Hydrant offers hands-free hydration; eliminating the discomfort of reaching for a drink after a C-section and meaning you don’t have to put your baby down to drink.

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It’s tempting to keep going, to beat that personal best and not to stop and drink when you really should. With the Sports Hydrant you can drink on the move, from the bottle or through a drinking tube.

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