The Sports Hydrant

What is it?

Available in 500ml bottle + drinks cap – the Sports Hydrant offers a lighter, more mobile hydration aid than its larger versions – for those who do not need the drinking tube to take a drink, but who like the smaller sports bottle style.

As with all Hydrants – the Sports Hydrant attaches to bikes, belts, pushchairs, rucksacks, golf bags, school desks as well as gripping the hand…the list is endless. Hang it, hook it, clip it – anywhere.

Why is it unique?

The unique flexi-grip handle attaches to almost anything – keeping your drink handy. The Sport Hydrant is an eco-friendly, BPA free water bottle.

Who is it for?

The Sports Hydrant is for anyone who needs to stay hydrated on the move – whether you’re running, climbing, cycling, skiing or taking part in an endurance sport.

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The Benefits

The Sports Hydrant is a refillable bottle that makes it easy to take the necessary fluids on board and keep your body hydrated. Dehydration is a common problem among amateur sportspeople and this product ensures you don’t suffer the potentially serious consequences.

How to use it

Step one: Fill the bottle with water or sports drink – hang it where you need it.

Step two: Use the drinks cap to open and close as needed

Step three: Refill it as necessary.


The Hydrant range is unique: Patented, EC Design Registered, Trademarked