The Hydrant is part of new UK-wide NHS Community Programme

The Hydrant is being trialed in a new community-based programme backed by three NHS Trusts in the UK.

The new programme running in conjunction with Dorset NHS Trust, Gloucester NHS Trust and Bridgewater NHS Trust, is designed to  improve patient care in the community and looking to specifically prevent the high number of hospital admissions caused by dehydration.

The Hydrant is being offered to those who struggle to drink unaided. It could be elderly, disabled or infirm people who will benefit from using the simple, hands-free, drinking system, which simply clips, hangs or hooks on beds, chairs and wheelchairs – removing the problem of reaching, lifting, or holding drinks, thus giving easy access to fluids at all times.

The award-winning Hydrant is already  delivering visible improvement in the quality of life for its users in the care and hospital markets.  Studies into its effectiveness show a 35% reduction in length of stay and up to 100% reductions in urinary infections (a common problem occurring as a result of dehydration) and, in hospitals, a £36 saving for every £1 spent through use of the Hydrant.