Bristol disability charity supports use of The Hydrant

David Constantine from Bristol based charity Motivation gives his feedback on how the Hydrant has helped him.

“I have now trialled the drinking bottle for a number of months, mainly in my car and beside my bed.¬†I am a C4/5 Quadriplegic wheelchair user with no grip in my hands or use of my fingers. I am also required to drink 3 litres of water a day to maintain the health of my kidneys/bladder and avoid urinary infections.

“Being unable to pick up a cup or a bottle and drinking 3 litres of water a day, is quite hard work, especially in winter when I don’t feel thirsty. I therefore have to make a conscious effort to keep drinking all day.

“I spend many hours in my car and while in my vehicle the driver is unable to help drink without stopping the car. Having the bottle hanging from it’s handle on the seat beside me or in front of me means I can reach the tube and place the mouth piece into my mouth and keep drinking while on the road. This has proved extremely useful.

“Likewise when I am in bed lying flat, I am now able to drink without being helped to sit up and assisted to drink. It has been very useful to drink from the tube without having to change my position.

“Overall I think this is a very useful product, particularly for people who are unable to drink independently.¬†Congratulations on a great design.”