In a hospital setting the Hydrant delivers major benefits to patients and healthcare professionals:

Faster recovery times

Because the Hydrant gives patients access to fluids without help from nurses and doctors, hydration is easy and recovery is quicker.

37% reduction in length of stay – Great Western Hospital survey

Enhanced patient experience

In addition to recovering more quickly, the Hydrant provides dignity through independence, by allowing patients with limited mobility to drink without help.

90% positive patient response to increased drinking without assistance – Lister Hospital survey

Releasing time to care

Trying to keep patients hydrated on a hospital ward is incredibly time consuming. The Hydrant means patients can keep themselves hydrated, giving professionals much more time to care in other ways.

100% reduction in urinary & wound infection – Wrexham Park Hospital survey

Delivers cost savings

Dehydration can, and often does lead to urinary tract infections. The Hydrant wards off illnesses that can occur as the result of dehydration, reducing the need for and cost of drugs and drips used to treat these. For research and reports on the cost savings delivered by the Hydrant, click here.

The Hydrant: a 36:1 return on investment -NHS South Of England

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