In Home Care

Preventing hospital admissions

The Hydrant is already proving to be vital for at home care, by keeping thousands of people out of hospital. Dehydration leads to urinary tract infections, dizziness and falls, severe constipation and other preventable illnesses that can lead to hospital admission. The Hydrant simply gives easy access to fluids 24 hours a day to keep such issues at bay.

The NHS is focused on keeping people at home, not in hospital, for as long as possible, to ensure hospitals are not overcrowded and patients can receive the care they need. The Hydrant is a significant contributor to this programme by keeping people hydrated at home.

For people with conditions such as MS, stroke, MND and Parkinson’s – as well as all those who are wheelchair dependent and reliant on care – this is a great aid to life at home.

Independence and dignity

When recovering at home, it’s essential to stay hydrated but this can be difficult for those with limited mobility. The Hydrant offers much more than easy, hands-free drinking, it offers those being cared for at home the dignity of drinking independence. In turn, this means people are more likely to stay hydrated and stay home (and out of hospital) for longer.

Better prevention from illness

Dehydration isn’t just a dangerous condition in itself, it can lead to a number of serious illnesses too. Staying properly hydrated is a really simple way to decrease the chances of developing urinary tract infections, kidney problems and much more. The Hydrant provides a simple and accessible way to drink 24/7 and to monitor fluid intake easily.

Frees up time for carers and family members

It can be challenging and time consuming to ensure those in your care stay hydrated. The Hydrant means your patients or loved ones can stay hydrated at home without any help, giving you much more time to care in other ways.


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