Care Homes

The Hydrant provides care home residents with an easy way to stay hydrated without help, delivering dignity through independence. This can make a real difference to quality of life and a person’s mental as well as physical well-being. The Hydrant also takes pressure off carers and relatives, who know their clients and loved ones can drink when they want and need to.

Better prevention from illness

Dehydration isn’t just a dangerous condition in itself, it can lead to a number of serious illnesses too – urinary infections, kidney problems, diabetes, low blood pressure and many more.

Staying properly hydrated, particularly when recovering from illness, is a really simple way to decrease the chances of these conditions developing . The Hydrant provides a simple and accessible way to drink at any time and to monitor fluid intake easily.

Enhanced resident experience

In addition to recovering more quickly, the Hydrant provides dignity through independence, by allowing residents with limited mobility to drink without help.

Frees up time for carers

Trying to keep a large number of residents hydrated in a care home environment is incredibly time consuming. The Hydrant means residents can keep themselves hydrated, giving professionals much more time to care in other ways.

Delivers cost savings

The Hydrant wards off illnesses that can occur as the result of dehydration, reducing the need for and cost of drugs and drips used to treat these.

With the Hydrant, carers can spend less time fetching water for residents and much more time offering vital care and companionship. This is something that will be appreciated not only by the residents themselves, but also by their friends and relatives. This product makes it so easy to go the extra mile for those in your care.

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